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Regina Chain back on track with Goettsche.Göttsche Advertising / 21-05-2013

Regina Chain, the Italian company that since 1919 produces the famous motorbike chains for prestigious brands, such as Ducati, Aprilia, Honda, BMW and Harley-Davidson and that can count on an excellent record of more than 300 world champions titles, back on track with a campaign on italian newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport”. This multisubject print adv shows on Monday the winners of Sunday Grand Prix on Moto GP, Moto2 , Moto3, Superbike and Motocross the winners that use Regina Chains on their motorbikes. Visuals exibit the chain in backlight with a communication which emphasizes that these winners have chosen for their motorcycles Regina Chains. And for that the Italian company thanks them.

The second multisubject print campaign for Regina Chain has been thought for USA motorbikes newspapers like Drag Specialties or Parts Magazine. It shows Regina Chains as the Queen (in italian Regina means Queen) to comunicate the international leadership of Italian company.

Under the creative direction of Michael Goettsche, have worked on the campaign Davide Necchi (client creative director), Fabrizio Frasca (art director), Alice Rabajoli (copywriter) and Elena Lombardo (account).


def drag regina

def drag regina_new DEF2


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