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Insomnia iMEC Gathers SpeedInsomnia / 21-05-2013

The first three Hungarian SMEs who have chosen Insomnia’s Market Entry Consulting have won a significant amount of financial support from the Hungarian Government. Co-financed by the European Union, the Government provides matching funding to assist SMEs in gaining a foothold on heretofore undiscovered territories. Under this program Insomnia will gather and collate information on consumer and competitive trends, pricing, positioning of products and services.
The new winners include a software development company, a family-owned business specialized in the manufacture of traditional and digital educational equipment and programs, while the third has gone from distributing business management software solutions to designing and developing special applications for the original system. These companies are looking to do business primarily in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East.

Publips is working with IKEA!!


INRED, a new reality of Spanish market.


Digital Future in the Works.


Recruitment in progress.

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