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Mosquito goes arctic!Mosquito Brands & Proms / 05-04-2013

Dixie Dansercour, a famous polar explorer and his wife, Julie Brown started their company ‘Polar Circles’ to pass on the knowledge they’ve gathered during their arctic expeditions. The company itself is built upon 4 main pillars: Expeditions, Polar guiding, Public speaking and  Corporate inspiration. Mosquito will be in charge of developing a communication strategy which has to strengthen the international character of the company and a new website that needs to inspire information seekers and possible client-companies. Later in 2013, Mosquito will also develop the website for Dixie’s new expedition in 2014 to Greenland.

Makheia awarded the new Omnes Capital site.


Makheia wins the 2015 campaign for Assu 2000.


BPW Bergische Achsen KG – New Brand...


Recruitment in progress.

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