A living human billboard, in the Valencia Jazz Festival, captivates the audience

Seagram's gin sponsors the Valencia Jazz Festival By Publips

Campaign ran: Valencia,

The work.

A billboard that comes to life in front to the people passing in front of the installation. This is the last action of Seagram’s Gin, developed by Publips, during the Jazz Festival of Valencia.

Under the concept: “With good music all come to life”, four actors/dancers remained static on a billboard. In front of them three buttons: play, pause, and question mark. When participants’ pulsed play, the music began and the dancers began to move. With the pause button, everything was frozen. But what if you they pressed the question mark?

The brief.

Activate the sponsorship of the Valencia Jazz Festival

The result(s).

All the public who attended the festival has had at least one value impact of Seagram’s brand, in addition to having been a positive memory.


Recruitment in progress.

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