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Network Marketing Managment By neriwolff

The work.

OBJECTIVE: Ensure consistency throughout marketing
activities at an International level.
• Enable countries to access and download communications collateral developed by HQ.
• Monitor flow and results of local adaptations.
• Achieve better knowledge of local markets, opportunities and competitors and share country results.
• Make precise forecasts for already launched items in order to evaluate production.
• Involve and reward the distribution network.


The result(s).

SOLUTION: A single portal was created to house all developed collateral, check results of local adaptations, provide news and gather best practices, reward the most virtuous with special projects, share and monitor results. Profile users by country and
by channel in order to display ad hoc contents and liaise directly with specific groups as well as obtaining complete details for the database.
TARGET: foreign distributors, subsidiaries, area managers.


Recruitment in progress.

For all actual information contact our network coordinator [email protected]