Val Venosta apples breaking records

Val Venosta apples breaking records By Publips

Campaign ran: Spain

The work.

Val Venosta goes forward in its campaign for supporting traditional greengrocers and supermarkets. This year the main target of the promotion are the point of sales, as they are the best presciptors of the brand. For this reason Publips will reward the most dementing greengroceries.

We launched the Golden Gold Awards, a competition where the best greengrocers of the country can compete against each other. A jury will select the 6 finalists, and visit them as mystery shoppers. The 3 winners will receive an economical prize, some special POS material and will be presented to the media during the next Fruit Attraction trade fair editions.

The competition has been promoted on national TV channels, on magazines, online and by shipping  a special invitation kit delivered to 1.000 shops… and at the moment we received over 4.000 participation requests.


The brief.

Increase the POS loyalty and get the brand closer the the shoppers needs

The result(s).

At the moment we recived over 4.000 participation requests, winners will be revealed next September.


Recruitment in progress.

For all actual information contact our network coordinator [email protected]